nana sent me a card with crossdressing sorara

nana sent me a card with crossdressing sorara

im still wondering why i made my face tag’ darn you my melo’

large gay incoming 

large gay incoming 

i burnt my hand making ramen last night and i think the burn’s gone thank god

sometimes i refer to the united states as ‘the untied shoelaces’

imagining kakeru going KAWAAEEEE KAWAAEEEE over yumeno whos like YAMETEE YOO OO is ruining my life


you know those two songs by giga-p w len that one is about "look at my huge dick" and the other is "look at those tits i ready porn in the classroom". you know those two. gigantic otn and plusboy. they are addictive and they are ruining my life and i PROMISE i will doodle otn = jun and plusboy = kakeru because /its just so fitting/ you dont even feel

i, being the resident kurumi nui, hereby force you to draw that

for me

side note: when i was putting my hair in pigtails for kurumi nui in the hotel lobby before mega a few little kids tugged on my shoe ribbons and asked if i was a princess

i was so happy

thesugarhole said: only the weak minded have too many posts. we are strong, you and i

[magical girl transformation sequence from onegai my melody ep 52]

thesugarhole said: I MEANT TWO NOT TOO well you know what i mean. look at his face he clearly enjoyed it

kurumi nui is so pretty like what the fuck i had a girl boner for her and that FUCKING dress if ure kurumi (bugs bunny voice) marry me. say yes. be mrs. customer


i had over 3k liked posts and i usually use the like feauture for hoarding fanfics ill read later so this wont do ive been hitting post limit every. single. day now i got 880

jeez louise i only have like

2k and thats from ALL THE TIME I’VE HAD THIS BLOG

(jess voice) i love donald duck so much im gonna shove 50 comics in my ass (and too keiichi figurines)


i hit post limit at noon and i got nothing better to do

how the heck do you hit post limit the last time it happened was liveblogging a long time ago

in your tagged me like MACHO MACHO DUCK